Cookies and privacy

Information about your browsing is likely to be saved on your device when you visit the site in files called cookies, depending on your Internet browsing preferences.
The applicable law requires the websites to collect the consent of Users before the use of cookies, apart from those strictly necessary for the provision of the service expressly requested by the User, within the meaning of the CNIL Recommendation. with a banner when he arrived on the site.
This is the reason why, during your first visit to our site, a banner appears informing you of the presence of cookies and that by continuing your navigation, you accept the use of cookies. This banner also includes a link "to know more" referring to this Charter.
This Charter informs you of the policy of use of EMIRATES-DATING.COM Cookies , in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

What is a cookie ?
A cookie is a small text file that can be saved, subject to your choice, on your device (computer, smartphone, digital tablet) when consulting a service with your browser software so that you can be recognized later.
What are cookies for?
Cookies allow us to identify the items that the User has visited and, in general, to record your preferences.
They allow you to know yourself better, to personalize the services and the contents according to your preferences, to facilitate your navigation on the site by making it faster and more fluid and help us, moreover, to reinforce the security of our site.
They also store the information relating to the User's navigation on the Site (the pages consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc.). Thus, during future visits, the user will not have to enter them again.
Cookies are also necessary for the proper functioning of certain services or to measure their audience.
The registered cookies do not identify you as a person but only allow to identify the terminal in which they are registered during their period of validity.
In any case, cookies can not cause damage to your device and only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained therein. The shelf life of cookies is thirteen months.
What are the cookies that we emit on our site?
We issue several categories of cookies, the nature and purpose of which we explain to you:
  1. Cookies necessary for the functioning of the site

    These cookies are essential for browsing our site (such as, for example, session IDs) and allow you to use the main features of the site and secure your connection. They allow you, in particular, to access directly to the secure and personal areas of our site, thanks to the identifiers that you have created. Without these cookies, you will not be able to use our site normally.

  2. Analytical cookies

    These cookies collect data relating to the use of our site (for example, on the pages which you consult most frequently) and allow us to know the use and the performances of our site, to establish statistics and allow us to improve our services.

  3. Functional cookies

    These cookies are not essential to navigation but allow us to remember the choices you made on our site and provide you with specific features. They make the site work more user-friendly and offer you a more personalized online experience. These cookies are not used to collect information about you in order to send you advertising.

  4. Advertising cookies

    These cookies are used to offer you relevant advertising tailored to your interests on our site but also on other sites. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an ad and help us measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

  5. Sharing cookies on social networks
    The site contains social buttons that allow you to share some of the content of our site through social networks, including Facebook's "Like" or "Share" button. When you use these buttons, third-party cookies (as defined below) are installed on your device to support the sharing of content on their platforms. We do not participate in the deposit or reading of these cookies and we are not responsible for the information collected by these social networks.
    The privacy policies of these social networks may change and we advise you to be aware of the latest versions updated.

  6. Third party cookies
    When you visit our site, some cookies are not registered by us but by third parties, for example if you click on third-party advertisements that appear on our website. These third parties are our business partners but we do not register these cookies. In these circumstances, we invite you to visit the website of these third parties to obtain more information about these cookies and how to manage them.
How to enable or disable third-party cookies?
Third party cookies are not registered by us. Therefore, we suggest you look at the websites of these third parties for more information about the cookies they record and how they manage them. Rest assured that the confidentiality and security of the data you transmit to us is one of our priorities.
We remind you that by browsing our site, you consent to the use of its cookies
You can contact us for any question or additional information by sending us an email to: .
You can also visit the website of the CNIL (National Commission for Data Processing and Freedoms) at the following address: .

Last update : 08.08.2020